Why giving too many instructions might actually prevent you from learning to think critically!

“This study reports the results of applying that structure in an introductory physics laboratory course. Students in an experimental condition were repeatedly instructed to make and act on quantitative comparisons between datasets, and between data and models, an approach that is common to all science disciplines. These instructions were slowly faded across the course. After the instructions had been removed, students in the experimental condition were 12 times more likely to spontaneously propose or make changes to improve their experimental methods than a control group, who performed traditional experimental activities. The students in the experimental condition were also four times more likely to identify and explain a limitation of a physical model using their data. Students in the experimental condition also showed much more sophisticated reasoning about their data. These differences between the groups were seen to persist into a subsequent course taken the following year.”




Today we will be working with Fields, looking at gravitational fields and electric fields.

First, we will look at our planet, the moon, the sun and the ISS.


Gravity and Orbits

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Then we will try to make our own solar system:

My Solar System

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Finally, we will look at electric fields.


Charges and Fields

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