7th Graders in Yokohama: Field Trips and iPads

7C at the Queen Tower
7C at the Queen Tower

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Last week, the Grade 7 students had the opportunity to go on a field trip through Yokohama. As part of their humanities unit, The Story of Yokohama, students walked “New York Style” (in other words, fast) through the Motomachi, Chinatown, Nihon-ōdōri, and Bashamichi neighborhoods. Lead by Dr. Joseph Amato, students visited the New Grand Hotel, the Customs House, The Yokohama Archives of History and learnt about many of the important sights of the city.


As an added bonus, Grade 7 students were able to bring their iPads on the field trip.

The mobility of devices proved a perfect way to document the field trip. With the iPads, students were able to take pictures, take notes and record important facts that will be used in a project about Yokohama History in Humanities class.

In addition, students were able to create quick, 20-minute Digital Stories using the iPad, explaining what they did on the field trip and what makes Yokohama special.

Here is one movie made on iMovie on the iPad:

And here are a few made on Adobe Voice


This was a great opportunity to link the ICJC with Humanities classes, while experimenting with the iPads. We’re already looking forward to the presentations the students are creating!


/Ms Madrid

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