MS Graduation dance

One of the middle school traditions is the dance that happens before the actual graduation. All students are invited, but are asked to wear smart, casual dress rather than what they may do at the other dances. The grade 8 parents also prepare drinks and snacks before the start of the dance, just for the grade 8s. Here are just some photos from the night. Other photos can be found on this link.
Many thanks once again to Adam Clark for his excellent photography.

grad dance 2

grad dance 3

grad dance 4

grad dance 5

grad dance 6

grad dance 7

grad dance 8

grad dance 9

grad dance 10

grad dance 11

MS Sports Awards

The annual round up of sports awards for middle school students was held this week. Once again, the number of students involved across all sports was impressive and points to a healthy situation. Our thanks, as always, goes to coaches for their tireless efforts. Thanks must go also to parents for their support. The full collection of photos can be found on this link.

ms sports 2

ms sports 3

ms sports 4

ms sports 5

ms sports 6

ms sports 7

ms sports 8

ms sports 9

ms sports 10

ms sports 11

ms sports 12

ms sports 13

ms sports 14

ms sports 15

ms sports 16

ms sports 17

ms sports 18

ms sports 19

MS Spring Concert

The arts are indeed flourishing in the middle school. The range and quality of our student performers is impressive. It is also excellent to see how many students are active not just in the arts, but in sport and service. This is a busy school!
Our thanks, as always, go to the Arts department for their work, not just on the night, but throughout the year.
The full collection of photos can be found on this link
Thanks again to Adam Clark for his excellent photos.

spring concert 2

spring concert 3

spring concert 4

spring concert 5

spring concert 6

spring concert 7

spring concert 9

spring concert 10

spring concert 11

spring concert 12

spring concert 13

spring concert 14

spring concert 15

spring concert 16

spring concert 17

spring concert 18

spring concert 19

MS Annual Awards

What a busy week! Following close on the heels of the Sports Awards presentations, we had the annual Awards show. This recognises the efforts of our middle school students in a range of activities – academic, service, arts and overall contribution to our school. We are a lucky school to have these fine students. The full album of photos from Adam Clark can be found on this link.

ms awards 3

ms awards 4

ms awards 5

ms awards 6

ms awards 7

ms awards 8

ms awards 9

ms awards 10

ms awards 11

ms awards 12

ms awards 13

ms awards 14

ms awards 15

ms awards 16

ms awards 17

ms awards 18

MS Graduation

Of course the highlight of the year for our grade 8 students is their graduation from middle school. This is a nice evening, a blend of formal and informal with a classic touch of middle school. The night went very smoothly, and featured some excellent musical and dramatic performances. Many people contribute to this night, the Arts department – Peter Noonan, Leanne Erickson, Sheryl Bridgewater, Brad Johnston, Curt Patterson, our Student Council advisor, Rebekah Madrid, photographer Adam Clark, lighting expert Brian Arxhoek and of course, our Vice Principal Susie Clifford. Adam’s full album can be found on this link.

ms grad 2

ms grad 3

ms grad 4

ms grad 5

ms grad 6

ms grad 7

ms grad 8

ms grad 9

ms grad 10

ms grad 11

ms grad 12

ms grad 13

ms grad 14

ms grad 15

ms grad 16

ms grad 17

ms grad 18

Yokohama story

On the week of May 25-29th, the grade 7s went on a field trip of Yokohama, lead by Dr. Joseph Amato, as part of their Individuals and Societies Story of Yokohama Unit. The students each had an individual research question they were investigating and on the trip around Yokohama neighborhoods they used their iPads to take notes, record Dr. Amato, and take lots of photos.They will be using the photos and their research in an upcoming Pecha Kucha style presentation. Visiting places such as the Hotel New Grand, Yokohama Archives Museum, the Customs House, Chinatown, and various European buildings throughout the city, students were able to see the importance of Yokohama in Japanese History. They also counted that Yokohama was the home of 19 “firsts” in Japan, such as the first ice cream, the first post office, the first gas lamp among many others.
Y'hama 2

Y'hama 3

Y'hama 4

MS StuCo Sports Week!

At the start of May, the Middle School Student Council ran and organized the first Middle School Sports Week. This was the first year the middle school had this event and it was a great success.

Students started planning this event during the 2nd leadership retreat held at YCAC. The students created an action plan, coordinated with Mr. Snowball and the P.E. departments and ran all of the lunch time activities. Student Council ran a great week, full of school spirt and fun.

On Monday, Kai and Quirijn ran the cross bar challenge, won by Benjamin in grade 7.

On Tuesday, Erica L and Yoshi ran the obstacle course. It was a close race, but in the end Oscar in grade 7 won the race.

On Wednesday, Kai ran the 3 point contest, won by Alec in grade 6.

On Thursday, Lisa and Hyewon ran the volleyball contest won by Satono, Ayano, Saya, Karori and Emma S in grade 8.

sportsweek 1

The week ended with an assembly on Friday. It was a great week, with amazing effort put in by all of the Student Council. The goal the Student Council had for the week was for everyone to have fun and they met this goal and look forward to making it even better next year.
Rebekah Madrid,
Student Council Advisor

6C bring myth-making to Kindergarten & Grade 1

G. 6 2

G. 6 3

G. 6 4

G. 6 5Ask anyone if they know a myth or an old story that speaks of natural phenomena in the language of magic and spirits, and they will undoubtedly recall a tale or two. Many of these stories are synonymous with childhood. It was therefore a natural connection to make between the Grade 6 students, who were revisiting such narratives in English class, and the Grade 1 students, who were exploring ‘writing to entertain others’.

6C’s task was to find an old myth from any culture, and retell it to a younger audience in the form of a short slide presentation. They used their own creative ideas, a dictionary and thesaurus, and peer editing to help simplify their language (while keeping the ‘magic’ alive), redesign the tales and add helpful illustrations to make the stories more accessible and appealing to younger children.

The reaction of the Grade 1 students ranged from lively enthusiasm to complete absorption as 6C unfolded their narratives, speaking of long voyages, soaring cranes, gods, mortals, and lost worlds…

Next year, we hope to extend their time together so the Grade 1 students can reciprocate, showing their own inventive storytelling abilities.
Madeleine Cox, English teacher

MS Robo Sumo winners!

Saturday May 16th, was the day when YIS Middle School Robotics team had participated in the ‘Robo Sumo’ competition, which was hosted by our neighbouring school, St. Maur International School. In this competition there were a total of 15 teams this year.

From YIS, 4 teams participated in this competition. This was the second consecutive year in which YIS participated in this tournament and YIS again cleaned up the tournament by getting 3 out of the 4 awards for Middle School.

This year we had Alec Hobbs and Jesper Shiapan who finished in First Place, Erica Loomis and Manami Otsuka who finished in Second Place, and Keita Hooker-Yoshikawa and Theo Sloan who won the award for Best Design/Concept. With this tournament, the YIS robotics club season has come to an end and we are looking forward for a better and dominant season from our Middle School Robotics Club next year. A big thank you to Mr Hamada and Mr Hilbourne for their support over the year.

Hemanth A – robo coach!

Robo 3

Robo 4

Robo 5

Robo 6

Robo 7

Robo 8

Robo 9

Robo 10

Robo 11

Robo 12

Robo 13

Robo 14

Robo 15

Red & White Concert

R & w 1

R & W 3

R & W 2

R & W 4

R & W 5R & w 8

R & W 16

R & W 15

R & W 14

R & W 13

R & W 12

R & W 11

R & W 10

R & w 9Organised and run by the MS GIN-CAS (Global Issues Network-Community & Service) group, this was the second concert for the year. While this is important for our middle school students to get the experience of performing live, it is an equally important leadership and organisational opportunity for the other students. All tasks such as organising auditions, co-ordinating the venue, lighting, sound, stage crew, and m-cing, were done by the students. This not only makes for a vibrant middle school, but also prepares the ground for a healthy high school when students move there at the end of their time in middle school. Well done all!