YIS Dominates the Robo Sumo Friendly

Last minute preparations!

On May 17, the young YIS Robotics Club took part in their first ever competition. It is an annual event called the Robo Sumo Friendly hosted by our neighbors St Maur.

The idea of Robo Sumo is to build a robot that will push its opponent out of a 77cm circular ring. It requires some interesting building techniques and some even more interesting programming skills. Many of the robots use the different sensors in order to make the robot more formidable: the ultrasonic sensor to detect the location of the opponent; the color sensor to know when the robot is about to roll out of the ring; the touch sensor to know when an opponent is attacking from behind!

This year the competition was small and we managed to enter three teams. One of the teams was made up of our Grade 9 student mentors, Hemanth and Aki, and the other two teams were made of up some of our Grade 6 members: William, Kenryo, Athul and Shaolun.

The three YIS teams finished 1st, 2nd and 3rd in the competition! Congratulations to:

  • Infinite Loop Upgrade 9.9, aka Hemanth and Aki (1st Place)
  • The Swagnim, aka Shaolun and Athul (2nd Place)
  • The Six Wheeled Monster, aka Kenryo and William (3rd Place)
The Three Winners

Congratulations to the YIS teams and to all of the students who took part in the Robotics Club this year!

Rise of the Robots

What could be better than combining the love of Legos with the love of technology?

At the start of the 2nd activities session, middle school students were given the opportunity to explore the exciting area of robotics. This activity will run until the end of the school year and uses the recently released Lego Mindstorms EV3 robotic kits.  A group of Grade 6 students has been steadily working their way through the tutorials, building the base robot and exploring how to use the various sensors – a gyroscope, a color sensor, an ultrasonic sensor, and touch sensors. They’ve also been exploring how to program their machines using the EV3 software on their computers. Here they are testing their programs for our upcoming maze challenge:

Helping our middle schooler are two high school students – Hemanth and Aki – acting as mentors. They offer advice on things like building a better machine and writing better programs. They are also both hoping to enter to the Robo Sumo Friendly hosted at St. Maur in the spring.

Watch this space for more updates on the YIS Robotics Club!