Digitally Social?

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An intriguing fact: EVERYONE who is reading this blog is a digital citizen.

At YIS, we are currently hosting “Digital Citizenship Week”, where we are trying to find out about how “digitally social” we are. The intention of this project is to see how connected we all are, even though we might not be DIRECTLY connected. As you were scrolling through your Twitter feed or your Facebook timeline, you found this link, opened this blog post, and now you are connected to YIS.  We’re trying to make our way to the World Wide Web, which is HUGE, IMMENSE, MASSIVE and make as many global connections as we can. We are trying to accomplish this by having students and teachers share this link on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr. or whatever social network they use. Our plan is to have people who are be-friended with the YIS community to enter this link, and read through our project and leave a comment.

So here are a few questions we would like you to answer as a part of our project– which would be very appreciated.

  • How are you connected to YIS?
  • Where are you writing from?
  • How did you find out about this post?

Please comment below on this blog post and share this link using YOUR social networks.
Thank you so much on behalf of the YIS middle school.

Happy digital citizenship week!!

75 thoughts on “Digitally Social?

  1. I was a student going to yis a couple of years back. I am writing from Gothenburg in Sweden. I found this because a friend sent me a link on Facebook

  2. I was sent this link by my daughter – Sena – currently in eighth grade at YIS. At the moment I am writing from Seoul, Korea but looking forward to going home to Tokyo tomorrow.

  3. I am the mother of Rebekah Madrid, a teacher at YIS. Presently my husband and I are living near London in the UK. I saw this on my facebook page and wanted to be added to your assignment – sounds exciting. Say hi to Ms. Madrid from her mother when you see her.

  4. I saw a link about this undertaking on Facebook via Ms. Cofino and Ms. Madrid. (I met both in Munich at MIS and caught up with them while living in Tokyo.) I am writing from Dhaka, Bangladesh. Good luck with your project!

  5. I am connected with YIS via my son Brian.
    I am writing from my iPhone driving home by subway from Tokyo
    I found this post on Facebook, where Brian invited us to reply

  6. I received this link via my granddaughter Mia Whiting. Mia and my grandson Alec are students at YIS. I am sending this message from my home at Saltash, Cornwall in the South West of England. I do not use ‘Twitter’, but I use ‘Facebook’ extensively to keep in touch with friends and family around the world. Good luck with the project!

  7. Hello!

    I am the librarian at Luanda International School in Luanda, Angola. I am writing from my dining room table, where I was working on my COETAIL homework and came across this post on my Google+. I don’t have a personal connection to YIS, but I have been following Kim Cofino online and admiring YIS’s digital citizenship week online! Digital Citizenship week at LIS soon? Here’s hoping.

    Happy Networking,

  8. — I have never heard of YIS
    –I am writing from The University of Georgia
    — I heard about this interesting project from a twitter feed I follow

  9. What an exciting project !
    We have no connection to YIS.
    We are a class of seven and eight year olds
    from Greystones, Wicklow, Ireland.
    We saw a tweet from Katy Jean Vance,
    who we see is the librarian at Luanda International School in Angola.
    With every good wish.

  10. I am connected to YIS through the CoETaIL program. I follow Kim Cofino’s blog to learn more about technology in education. I am writing from Yangon, Myanmar. This post came to me through Google +.

  11. Hi,

    Just picked this up from my COETAIL Online Cohort from Google +. I am the PYP ICT Teacher at Luanda International School (LIS) so I keen to find out more about what you are doing and how it goes as I have been working hard with our Year 6 students on Digital Citizenship throughout the year.

    Have fun.

  12. I was in YIS for 8 years of my life. I am writing this from Paramus New Jersey in the United States. I heard about this from a friend in 6th grade that’s in YIS! Hope this helps you with your project!

  13. I currently live in Westchester in NewYork, USA. I went to TIS from K-3 with Hana Perkins who is now a student in the 6th grade with YIS. I hope this helps 🙂

  14. Gidday Students of YIS,

    I have no connection to your school but was fascinated to see a post made by Ben Sheridan. I am currently writing from a hotel in Bangkok where the EARCOS conference is being held but I live in the tiny village of White Rock, NSW Australia.

    I found out about the post by joining the EARCOS G+ community. I am fascinated by your approach as much of my work is with schools and the application of social media for social benefit to communities. All the best for the project.



  15. I am writing form Seisen International School in Tokyo. I know YIS through interaction amoung Kanto Plain international schools. Ms. Cofino has also written technology articles for Japan ASCD. I read this post in the EARCOS G+ community as well. I’m interested to see what this project develops.

  16. I know some people who work and used to work at YIS.
    I am writing from NIST in BKK.
    I saw a google+ post by Bill Oldread and was intrigued.

    PS: Normally, i would be connected by reading this type of blog post, but would never need to comment. I guess what I am trying to say is that your reach might be bigger than you think (as many people might read your message and not leave a comment). On the other hand, even though I have left this comment, you still have not really “Connected” me… Food for thought…

  17. Hi
    1. There are a few degrees of separation here- since I do not know anyone at YIS directly. Know Of Ms. Cofino’s work online and through the COETAIL program.
    2. I am writing from Sumatra, Indonesia where I teach Preschool and PreK.
    3. Found out about your project through a google + post by Bill Oldread.

    Let us know what you find out and plan on doing with this information in the end.

  18. I was connected to this blog from my EARCOS Google+ feed. I am an educational administrator at Shanghai American School. Great idea to connect your “connections” to the world!

  19. I am not connected to YIS other than through this digital connection via EARCOS and Mr. Bill Oldread who pushes out great information! I am a Middle School Director in Northern Virginia and Love to hear what other Middle Schools are doing. I think your project is an interesting and I hope to follow your work.

  20. I am connected to YIS because I used to be a student there from 2003-2008, I am currently writing from Stockholm, Sweden. I found this post by browsing through the ‘Yokohama international school’ tag on tumblr.

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