End of the Year~

Time flys by doesn’t it. It’s the end of the year now, and it’s time to say good bye to our 2011~2012 members, but hello to the new!

The student council defiantly improved this year, and we couldn’t have done that without out brilliant president Yuki, and councilor, Ms.Madrid.

Also, many thanks to this year’s MS student council member, in 6th grade, Charlotte, Jack, Sena, and Anna. 7th grade, Yuki, Kazuki, Kate, and Emily. And last but not least, the 8th grade, Satoka, Lisa, Bernie, and Roshni! We couldn’t have done anything without you guys.

But now on to next year’s stucco members.

Up coming 8th graders are-Hye-Won, Kate, Yuki, and Emily. 7th graders are Charlotte, Jack, Connor, and Maya. And the 6th graders…I’m not to sure yet.

Now about the new president…This Hye-Won! And before I say who the vices are, I need to explain something…This year, the votes were tied for prez, so we have 2 vices, or as we call it the co-vice! And these 2 members are Yuki and Emily! Great job to them! Actually, great job to everyone who made it into student council!

Next year is going to be great…Look forward to that!

Family Fun Fair

Get ready for a day full of fun on May 5th! There will be a futsal match, performances from people from all grades, lots of fun games and activities and plenty of food from Zest. Want a scare? Go to the haunted house!  There will be things for everyone of all ages, so get ready to PARTY!! This year, it will be slightly different from the other years food fairs – this time we will have a family fun fair for only the YIS community! Don’t worry, there will be a make-up food fair in November.