Digitally Social?

labyrinthine circuit board lines

Used with permission, labyrinthine circuit board lines by quapan

An intriguing fact: EVERYONE who is reading this blog is a digital citizen.

At YIS, we are currently hosting “Digital Citizenship Week”, where we are trying to find out about how “digitally social” we are. The intention of this project is to see how connected we all are, even though we might not be DIRECTLY connected. As you were scrolling through your Twitter feed or your Facebook timeline, you found this link, opened this blog post, and now you are connected to YIS.  We’re trying to make our way to the World Wide Web, which is HUGE, IMMENSE, MASSIVE and make as many global connections as we can. We are trying to accomplish this by having students and teachers share this link on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr. or whatever social network they use. Our plan is to have people who are be-friended with the YIS community to enter this link, and read through our project and leave a comment.

So here are a few questions we would like you to answer as a part of our project– which would be very appreciated.

  • How are you connected to YIS?
  • Where are you writing from?
  • How did you find out about this post?

Please comment below on this blog post and share this link using YOUR social networks.
Thank you so much on behalf of the YIS middle school.

Happy digital citizenship week!!