Grade 6 Technology

with Ms. Cofino and our fantastic sixth grade students!

Grade 6 Technology

Becoming a Blogger!

Welcome to our first project for the year!

In this project you will learn about the power and potential of blogging as a reflection of your learning, as well as a way to share your ideas and interests with other students around the world. We will start with the Inquiring and Analyzing stage of the Technology Design Cycle.

As a blogger, one of my favorite things about my own blog is being able to share my thoughts with other people and then discuss those ideas. It helps me reinforce my own learning and also challenges my thinking. I hope you will find something you really enjoy about blogging too!

To get us started, we are going to explore other blogs from around the world to see what makes a good blog. For example:

  • What do you notice about the blogs you like best?
  • What attracts your attention and why on the blogs you like best?
  • How do the blogs you like best look?
  • How do you navigate the blogs you like best?
  • What kind of information is shared in the blogs you like best?
  • After looking at a few blogs, what are the features that you think every blog needs?

Here’s what you need to do:

Look at 3 or more different blogs to discover what makes a successful blog.  Please use at least 2 of the links provided below, but you may also look at others in addition to those two. Complete the Blog Research sheet to record your notes about these blogs. Make sure you include 3 or more items to research, and use lots of great details in your research notes. We will use this information to determine the criteria for an excellent blog as a class the next time we meet.

Here are a few blogs for you to start with:

And a few awesome blogs from last year’s grade 6 class at YIS:

As long as you review 2 of the blogs listed above you may also look at other blogs as long as they are appropriate for school. Make sure you include the full URL of all of the blogs you look at on the Blog Research sheet.

If you know of a blog that other students might enjoy reviewing, please leave the name and URL in the comments below. Thanks!

Here’s how to earn a 7 – 8 on this task:

Make sure:

  • You have included more than 3 items to research.
  • All sections of the research document includes comments that are detailed and meaningful.

Due Dates:

  • 6A: 4 Sept
  • 6C:  5 Sept

Welcome to MYP Design!

Welcome, Grade 6!

I know this is the first time you’ve had a technology class separate from all your other classes here at YIS, and this technology class is extra special, because it’s really all about design. We use technology all the time to design, and the process of creating things with technology tools is the same process as we use when we’re designing something hands on. So, this course is more about the process of designing than about hardware or software – although we will use lots of fun tools through semester!

Our focus for the course is the MYP Design Cycle:

We’re going to do two major projects in this class:

  • Becoming a Blogger! You will create and learn how to use your Learning Hub blog
  • Teachers of the Future! You will create a video tutorial and learn how to use iMovie

Both projects will follow the Design Cycle. All of the assignments and resources you need will be here on the blog and in your new Google Drive folder that I’ll share with you on our first class.

I’m really looking forward to working with you!

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