Grade 6 Technology

with Ms. Cofino and our fantastic sixth grade students!

Grade 6 Technology

Designing Your Blog of the Future!

We are now ready to begin the Developing Ideas stage of our Becoming a Blogger project!

The first step toward good blog design is to draw several different rough draft designs on paper to see what you like best. Remember to follow our 6A or 6C design specifications (criteria) as you create your designs.

Here is a video lesson of all the things we talked about in class. Feel free to pause, rewind and re-watch any part of the video if you need to:

Here is your assignment for this week’s homework:

Imagine your blog a few months in the future. What does it look like? What are the important features? How does your theme represent the main topic or idea of your blog?

Demonstrate what you want your blog to look like by drawing a rough draft in color pencils of at least 3 different blog templates. Use a separate page for each template. They should each be roughly the size of one A4 page. This means you will turn in 3 A4 size papers next lesson, each with a different design theme.

Make sure your name is on each of your designs.

If you’d like to see some examples from last year, click here. You can also see examples from the year before, and examples from the year before that here (and check out the example from Julynn on the right).  Remember the qualities that make some of these examples really great:

  • neat drawing
  • lots of color
  • clean space on the page
  • bold black outlines
  • all details included (widgets, header, post area, titles, etc)

Each of your templates should reflect the qualities of a good blog that you learned about in the investigation. Here are the class criteria we created:

Don’t forget to include a custom header (if you want one) and which widgets, tags and categories you plan to use.

Earn extra points: draw more than 3 rough drafts. Include lots of detail.

Due Date:

  • Tuesday 3 March

Here’s how to earn a 7-8:


  • You included 3 or more carefully-drawn templates.
  • All of your templates are exceptionally detailed.
  • All of your templates demonstrate good blog design.
  • All of your templates clearly reflect your personality.


Why We Blog

Wow! You guys shared some amazing reasons for having a blog in this week’s reflection! Here are some really interesting highlights I wanted to share with everyone:

“I also think that having a blog would cause/make you become a better writer and would also cause you to be even better at communicating with other people because you repeat the process of thinking and writing.” – Eric

“I think that having a blog, buffs a lot of people’s confidence. Because, if you are that shy person that always sits in the back of the classroom by themselves, then a blog is a chance to express your feelings and find other friends to socialize with.” – Caleb

“1. You can connect with people that have similar interests as you that you might not find as easily in real life.

2. After you have connected with people with same interests, you can link them to other blogs that have similar ideas as your blog and create a network of like-minded bloggers.” – Noa

“With a blog, you can learn to write in different ways. One way of writing which you see a lot of on blogs are opinionated pieces. This can be a good skill to have.Having the blog is a really good way to share and express your self to the world just by putting up blog posts. You can share your interests, likes, dislikes, hobbies and your everyday life with people all over the world. I think that having a blog can help unleash all of these things and can help you get really good at writing and sharing opinions.” – Maia

“I think a problem that having a blog will solve is a simple or hard question you want to find the answer to. If you have a question and you post it on your blog, you may get a very nice and specific answer from a friend or a random person in the world.” – Lukus

“Also, if you have done a great thing to the world or even to somebody, other people who read your post might get an idea from you to help the world or somebody. Second reason why I think having a blog is a good thing is because it helps you become better at your english skills. I think my english skills will improve because I am publishing the post where many people can see, so I will read what I wrote over and over many times.” – Ayaka

“The problem that having a blog will solve is the absence of people with the same hobbies.  Although this isn’t really a problem, sometimes I need some advice on my hobbies or even my school work.  Having blog will also allow me to share information.  Not gossip, but just information about my school, hobbies, or myself.” – Hayden

“We all need a blog to be more socialized. We should have a way to express our ideas into the internet without social media. If you have a blog from when you are 12 years old, your blog will look professional when you become an adult. You can use blogs for photos,stories,school work and etc.” – Theo

“I think blog is an optional thing. I think like that because blog is a good thing to have if you are the shy one and you can’t say your opinion so that you can express your self in blog but at the same time I think its a dangerous thing because no matter what every single person can see your blog and read it” – Sea

“A blog is an great invention. It has given the ability for everyone to express our ideas,opinions, and thoughts across to others around the world. Having a blog is not necessarily  a needed thing, but it is an easy and good way to spread information across the world because anyone can read and see your blog. Without a blog it is harder to do this. It is harder to reach all the people that you wish to reach. Having a blog can help you find someone with similar interests if you are having trouble finding someone who has the same interests as you, to share work and experiences with people that live far away or maybe just to be able to get your voice out here if it is hard to do it in person.” – Sophie

We are going to keep learning more about blogging throughout this unit, but it’s great to see your thinking right now. Well done 6B!

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