Grade 6 Technology

with Ms. Cofino and our fantastic sixth grade students!

Grade 6 Technology

Powerful Planning

Well done Grade 6! You have done a fantastic job on the design and plan stage of the design cycle!

Everyone did a great job, and here are a few examples that jumped out at me as I was reading your work:

Here are some super detailed plans:

Here are some really well organized (and super detailed) plans:

Here are some very thoughtful plans:

If you haven’t had a chance to look at some of these, stop by, read,  and leave a comment!

Analyzing Tutorials

Well done Grade 6! You have completed your tutorials and they are awesome!

Next week we will get a chance to watch everyone’s tutorial in class, but to get us started, we’ll be watching some tutorials from the other classes for homework.

Here’s what you need to do:

Watch 3 tutorials created by other grade 6 students (not in your class). Leave a comment sharing your constructive feedback in a 3-2-1 format:

3 things you liked
2 things you learned
1 thing they could improve on

Earn extra points: Include excellent details in your blog post and comment responses. Comment on more than two other students’ blogs.

Here’s how to earn a 5 – 6:

  • You commented on more than 2 other student blogs
  • All of your comments are detailed, meaningful and specific.

Due Dates:

  • 6A: 30 April
  • 6B: 29 April
  • 6C: 1 May
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