How do we know what we know? Where does it come from?


Posted by nanwanis | Posted in Grade 3N 2016/2017, Library, Sharing the Planet | Posted on February 17, 2017

The Grade 3 students are currently embarking on a journey of inquiry into our current UOI: Sharing the Planet. They are revisiting, practicing and enriching their research skills, from asking questions, making guesses, and looking for ways to confirm or add to their information.

Amongst the many components for research, students were asked a series of teacher questions to see how much they know about concepts related to waste and recycling. They had many good ideas to offer, and it was evident that they’d been exposed to or had many conversations related to these ideas already. So, where DO they get these ideas from? How do they know what they know? After getting each child to brainstorm where they get their information from, we made a Word Cloud showing their most popular ‘go to’ sources.

Working together with our teacher librarian, students will proceed to create their own question of what further they would like to know about the concepts related to reducing/reusing/recycling waste, pollution, efforts people make to clean their environments, and so forth. Using this poster as a guide, students will be encouraged to turn to multiple resources for their discoveries.

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