Home Learning

Grade 3 Home Learning Timeline and Expectations:

Daily reading and writing of the book’s title in the Blue Book

Monday – A reading response to any book read this week (in the Blue Book)

Tuesday- Mathletics Live or Rainforest Math

Wednesday – Japanese home learning/Mother Tongue learning

Thursday – A statement to highlight something learned this week (in the Blue Book for now)

Friday – Have a great weekend!

At any time you can read the 3N blog with your parents and leave positive, quality comments. Here is a guide if you need it. (If you want to read up on more tips on how to leave good comments, visit Ms. Yollis’ class blog here.)

You can find our YIS Home Learning Policy .

At the beginning of the year we engage the children with the development of our Grade 3 home learning. The children have decided that a small notebook will help them develop responsibility as well as help them with organization and time management. This notebook will be taken home and returned daily in a special zip folder, with each child writing the title of the book they read that day. Daily reading is extremely important. We also highly recommend reading to your child, and this could range from chapter books, to blog posts, to appropriate world news.

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