What’s Going On in 4N?


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The Grade 4 Turtle, Murtle

In grade 4 we have discovered that our last chef had a pet turtle that he had found in a river.
He left us responsible for the turtle. We named it “Murtle.” We have had meetings with the other grade 4 classes to discuss how to take care of it. We also realized that the ELC has a pet turtle named “Bobby” and the ELC has taken better care of it then we have, because our turtle doesn’t have such a good habitat. So we decided to take a vote on what we should do with Murtle, these are the choices: (1) Stay with Bobby at the ELC (2) Freedom (3) Keep Here. We are doing it individually by class, and then add up all the votes to see what to do with Murtle the Turtle.


R. Role!

A. Audience!

F. Format!

T. Topic!

In Grade 4  we are doing a project kind of like a reflection on a book.

The first RAFT project we did was about Cinderella, we first chose our role or who we are pretending to be. Then choose your audience, in this case most of us did the kingdom that Cinderella lived in. Next choose your format like puppetry, letter, google presentation and so on. Finally choose your topic; what you were showing in the format. We performed and we were inspired by Adam Gidwitz to add some twists. Now we are currently making another RAFT with more people in one group about our reading level book groups. — By Megan, Evan, Subin and Annelise


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