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The Grade 4 students went to Shibuya on a field trip earlier this week. Here are the recounts of the day by each of our blog teams.

Shibuya field trip By Julia, Harold and Ryuta

We went to shibuya on February 3rd tuesday. We had groups of three or four. We first went to Motomachi chukagai station and took the train. It took us about 1 hour to arrive at Shibuya station. First we got into are groups and set of to look at ads. Also when we got to Shibuya we had a budget of 1500 yen to spend for food and stuffs we need. Everyone in the groups chose a topic for the ads to look for. After a while of doing that all groups ate lunch. Most of the groups ate Italian food. and others ate at family restaurants, fast foods, Japanese foods. Every group set off again to finish tasks or to look for more ads or to play around because they finished everything. After that every group had to come back to Hachiko. We got to the station then we went on the train again and we went back to Motomachi and then walked back school.
We had a lot of fun!!

Shibuya Field trip By Juliet, Aika, Ingrid and Kaat

On 2/3/15 Grade 4 went To Shibuya. All of us were in groups and were free to go any where we wantend.

Why did we go to Shibuya?
We went to Shibuya because our unit was about media so we went looking for ads (they where every were)

Where shibuya is?
Shibuya is a busy city with a lot of people in Tokyo Japan. We went there because there are a lot of ads.

A lot of people went to different restraunts. The most restraunts people went was Japanese restraunts. There was a lot of Italiaan restaurants but then a lot of people went to Japanse restaurants.

Many people are in the streste of Shibuya .
Everyone had a lot of fun on the trip.

SHIBUYA FIELD TRIP By Sojiro, Oliver and Sharan

4N, 4G and 4B went to the field trip and we had fun and we wait at the hachiko dog statue place and we were finding the ads that were around the station and we went with a group and the group was four kids and one adult and we could go anywhere we want to go but the main thing was to collect the ads. We ate some food and we saw some ads to collect data about Electronics was four and the clothes was two and food and accessories was zero and others was eight.

Shibuya Recount By The Super Penguins (Lisa, Taiki, Taka)

On Tuesday February 3rd 2015 we went to Shibuya. Our unit was about how media can influence people’s thinking.We started at YIS and made our groups then we went to the Motomachi-Chukagai station it took about 1 hour to go to Shibuya and then we had a challenge to find Hachiko (which is a dog statue), and that took sometime. We had freedom to go anywhere in Shibuya to collect data for our specific kind of ads we are looking for.For lunch there were people that had Gasuto, Mcdonald’s, Italian, Ramen, Sushi, Meat and Lotteria.
Some people got to have free time. We were allowed to have free time if the group was done with their data collection and there bonus task.
It was definitely one of the most fun field trips ever!

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