Cross Country Accomplished!


Posted by nanwanis | Posted in Grade 3N 2016/2017 | Posted on November 18, 2016


Today was Cross Country Day for Grades 3, 4 and 5. We went to Negishi Forest Park, which has a 1.3km running path. The students each chose to run either one or two laps. It was an absolutely beautiful day, and the children were all delighted to be out in the sunshine! Here are some students’ thoughts on what they felt about the event:

Chan Seo: It was very challenging for me because I ran two laps and it was very tiring.

Takafumi: I think everyone did a great job because everybody went through the finish line.

Tyler: I am proud of myself and other people because everyone tried their best and ran as much as they could.

Nina: I am proud of myself that I made it to the finish line even if I came in 9th place, I think.

Kai: I am proud of myself because I tried my best running for two laps.

Jan Leon: Cross Country was fun because we got to run Negishi Park and we got to cheer everybody.

Ali: I like the part of Cross Country when I won and it was fun seeing everybody and my friends running and when I was running my heart was pounding so then almost at the last hill I felt like my stomach was going to pop out and this morning my shoulders were sore.

Mari: Cross Country, when I was running, I was tired because I was running and my heart was pumping and sometimes I was walking a little but at last the two laps I ran so fast because I wanted to get to the goal fast.

Andres: First lap, in the beginning I sprinted, but then halfway to the end I started jogging and then there was a teacher who said, “you’re almost there” and that built me up and I started sprinting again and second lap I was really tired and there was a hill before we get to the end and everybody can see you and I was walking a little bit and when I was at the hill I began sprinting again at the end.

Himari: At Cross Country when I was running I was happy because when I was at the goal everyone was shouting that “you could do it” so I was happy and I was first so I was happy.

Lavanya: It was challenging for me at first but I set a speed and I went in that speed and at last I got to be in second place but I’m still a little sad that I didn’t come in first place.

Johnny: At Cross Country I came in first place and that made me happy and exhausted.

Chaeeun: I was so tired to run but I didn’t give up and I ran to the end.

Here’s a 5 second video of their wristbands and Dragons school spirit!

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