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On Wednesday April 15th we went to ELC to observe the ELC kids. We went there because our unit is about Who We Are and how we change when we grow.

We went to look at how the kids play, how they communicate, how they solve problems and what they can do with their bodies at this age. When they play they run around playing tag. A girl was acting like a model and was singing really loudly and I thought she is brave to sing really loud. Girls also liked to play family games. There was this girl who said she likes to play doggy games and I thought what a doggy game is. Boys were playing fighting games and I thought the boys were pretty violent. They play with balls and blocks. They solve problems by telling the teacher or saying, “Stop it!”. When they were fighting over toys they would just keep on fighting until one of them gets the toy. One of the kids was talking about the country Thailand and I thought it was interesting because I thought they would talk about toys they want and maybe about princesses. The kids this age was about highest as the shortest basketball hoop. Kids around this age can run around and make stuff with blocks.

I had a fun time observing the ELC kids.


We are studying about Who We Are in our unit. So on Wednesday April 15th we went to the ELC to observe them to see how different we are from them. So here are a few stuff I have observed. They look really cute and some girls play family games. And sometimes they pretend to act like adults. Some were playing violent games too. They also act and express themselves more than talking. They used short sentences and words. When they have problems they tell the teacher or shout more at each other. One girl hit someone with a spoon! They usually talk whatever they want to say and act whatever they want to. And they sometimes use words like adults in Japanese and interrupt a lot. They were about 100 cm tall. They are so energetic that they can play the whole time!!

It was so fun observing the ELC. I would like to go again.


On Wednesday April 15th 4N went to the ELC to observe the ELC kids. We went to the ELC because our unit is about how we change when we grow up.

We were observing at how the kids play, solve their problems, how they communicate and their physical changes. Some of the games that the girls were playing was doggy game and family game. The boys were playing fighting games, they were pretending that they had swords. ELC students were also talking about playdates, what they did that they thought was cool and they were also talking about what they have thats better then their friends.  The part I remember the most was when one of the girls were singing really loud she was singing “I am a girl like you”. It was a little cute. If it were me I would be I would be very embarrassed. I think I wouldn’t be able to even do it.

There is a lot of difference between the ELC kids and 4th grade.It was a fun visit.


On Wednesday, April 15th 4N student went to ELC to observe. We went there to learn how ELC kids and we are different by how they grow, how they play, how they communicate and more. When we were looking  at the kids there were some kids that were play tag, throwing balls. We asked questions to the little kids but they always ran away or tried to attack us or just look at us. When I ask one girl in ELC she started to throw balls at us and other girl started to act like adult. Lots of kid act that they a cooking. When I saw that I thought kid in this age have lots of imagination like flying.  I think little kid think everything is possible because you don’t know much but when you get old you learn new things by that you think some things are impossible and you imagination will be more thin.


On Wednesday April 15th 4N students went to ELC. To observe the kids.

Our unit is about how our body changes. We went to observe the kids,

because we saw how they react with each other and what they do.

We had different parts with questions.


How do kids play at this age?

The kids had toys and they played with the toys in different ways one girl was pretending it was a microphone she was sing loud and clear: I am a girl like you”. If I did that now with this age I would be shy. I found out that they have much in imagination and like singing.

What types of things do they play with?

They played with many things Hula Hoops,balls,blocks, and were playing violent games. with pretend guns.


At April 15th Wednesday we went to the ELC to observe the toddlers.

We went there to the ELC because of our unit “WHO WE ARE”.

They don’t talk much, they use some kind of body language.

The toddlers play fighting games or house. Sometimes they just play with the nature.

When they have a problem they just call the teacher right away.

The kids were so energetic. They were running around the playground.

I liked the visit it was pretty fun observing them.


On Wednesday we went to ELC to observe what the little kids do and how they communicate. We went to ELC because our unit in grade 4 is how we change. In ELC there were a lot of people that were really brave because lot of people were shouting and singing in a big voice front of us. When I asked the ELC kids what do you play then a girl said ‘We are playing fighting game’ then another boy said ‘we are playing doggies.’ It looked really fun! I was surprised that their English was really good because when I asked a question they were answering the question really fast with good details.They were saying that they talk about houses or Thailand. Also when I saw a problem they were solving it by saying sorry and taking care but I saw some kids just shouting and crying. I was really surprised.Some kids were doing cart wheels and doing front rolls. I thought it was cool to do gymnastic on that age of 3 to 4 years old.


On Wednesday April 15th we went to a ELC for our unit. Our unit is about growing up. In the ELC kids play a bolls and blocks. They are cute and small. They running around a ground and jumping.


On Wednesday April 15th we went to ELC because for our unit 5. Our unit is about growing up and we were thinking about what will toddlers think. Also what would they play and some time how will they solve their own problems. The ELC kids was not shy and they were acting like a model and they were not understanding what we were saying so we just look at them and when the things happened we will just wrote in the own sketch book. Also their thinking was changed so first we said what are you playing and they said dogdy and the next answer was house game and I did not know that game so I knew my age and their ages thinking were really changed big. The ELC kids like to play with new things. They asked can we play with their other friends. They solve problems with saying all the things what happened. Also if my friend were asking a question to the toddlers they just did not listen and they just walk away or run away. Their size was the big dog size and they liked to change their clothes.


On Wednesday April 15th we went to the ELC kids to observe how they behave because our unit is about Who We Are, how we change when we grow. The first thing I observed was how they play. They organise everything how they like it. They play fighting games like guns and Samurai I also saw the girls play doggy and house and make music with cooking bowls. I also observed them and  wrote down what kind of things they play with. They play

with the Cones and pretend its a rocket arm, they also played soccer with balls, I also saw them playing basketball and they get so frustrated when they don’t get the ball in the hoop. I was also observing about their social skills they act like they are grown ups and say its lunchtime come eat. They solve problems when they call the teacher. Mostly I observed their communication and they  said which shooting games they like and they sing songs like

(I am a girl like you). I also looked at how they look and my estimate is that they are as tall as a dog that is standing up. They can rip off flowers and kick a ball very hard.


On Wednesday April 15th, we went to observe the ELC kids.  We went because our Unit 5 is about the changes in our bodies  like physical in our body and in our brain like emotions.

I saw that the ELC kids were playing like if they were adults, like if they were cleaning and like if they were painting. When they were playing they use a basket, leaves, sticks, flowers, blocks and balls.

I saw that if there was a problem and they solved going to the teacher and saying what was the problem. Finally they said “sorry” to each other.

I saw that the girls are talking about dolls and boys talking about soccer.

When we went to ELC the kids were running, jumping, singing, climbing the trees and sliding. I liked to pass time with ELC kids.


On Wednesday, April 15th we went to the ELC to observe how ELC kids behave because our unit is about Who We Are and we are learning about how people grow up. In our sketch book we organized how we grow up by categories and the categories are play, communication, social and physical.

For playing we took notes about what kind of game do they play? And what kind of equipments they use for playing? ELC students play violent games, house games and climb trees and they use spoons, balls and blocks to play. I saw the ELC students playing soccer, basketball and fighting games.

For communication we took notes about what kind of words do the ELC kids use? And what do they talk about? The ELC used words like out of my face and I’m a girl like you and they talked about fighting and violence and mainly something that includes violence.

For social we took notes about how do kids interact with each other in this age? And how do they solve problems? They interact with each others by fighting and they solve problems by someone going to get the teacher and the teacher solves the problem.

For physical we took notes about what do kids look like at this age? And what kind of things can they do with their bodies? They can fight with their bodies and they look like monkeys fighting. It was a fun time observing the ELC kids play.


On Wednesday my class went to the Early Learning Center (ELC for short) to observe their daily every day life, because our unit is on how we grow up and the changes it can do to your mental thinking. The class prepared notes on communication, play, social and physical.

So far when I observed the childrens I heard and saw that ELC learners like to make noise are violent they like to carry stuff and pretend they have bombs. The types of things they like to play with metal, wood and a bunch of other manmade stuff. They interact with each other by saying rude things such as “shut up,” “get out of my face!” and words like that. I wasn’t really surprised that they solve problems by either telling the teacher or telling or forcing them to help.The ELC talk about fighting, mermaids or merpeople which ever you call it and Japanese ninja stars and other dangerous things that cause harm. They use words such as battle, punch, kick, run, weapon, and wahaha. I thought that how they look for a 4 to 5 year old was very orthodox because they had the average height for people who are 4 to 5 year old and this what I found very awkward their height seemed the same! For their age and body type they said they could do a cart wheel, fight, kick, punch and jump very high (which I personally think is a lie.) From what I observed I think the younglings are very aggressive.


On April 15th we went to the ELC to observe what they do at this age [Toddlers].We did this because our unit is about how we grow.We observed them about how they play,how they interact with each other, how they communicate with each other and about their physical health.Kids play things like walking around,singing and running.The toddlers solve their problem by say stop it and say the problem to the teacher.Toddlers communicate by playing a game like a flower game and talk about it. I saw a girl walking around with a umbrella walking around and singing. This means that they like to sing around even though people look at her she doesn’t care.


On Wednesday, April 15. We were at the ELC to observe how the ELC kids behave. We were there at their recess. The kids threw cones, build and fight with each other . The world said we’re boo boo and another answered him and one kid said  bad words to a ball. They were scared of us so they would not talk and run away from us so we could not ask questions to them. It was not easy to ask many kids so I was only 1 kid and I was by 1 kid. I would not go back again.


On Wednesday , April 15th 4N went to the ELC to see what kinds of things they do, and how they interact with each other. I found out that most of the kids were shy to talk to us, also lots of the boys like to play gun fight with fake lego gun, and the girls like to play house and music on pots and pans. While I was watching the kids play I saw that when kids fight they don’t say sorry. There was a kid that fell and her friend was caring and helped her but after the girl that had helped her friend had stole something from the girl that had fell, so I think their moods swing a lot like one minute they are friends next thing you they are not. There were lots of kids running around. {playing tag}



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