How We Organize Ourselves… At Kidzania!


Posted by nanwanis | Posted in Grade 3N 2015/2016, How We Organize Ourselves | Posted on May 6, 2016

Our fifth Unit of Inquiry, How We Organize Ourselves, has been full of conceptual and hands-on learning. From the concept of “change” in learning about how people have exchanged things over time to the concept of “perspective” in learning that people can put different values upon the same item, the students are learning and discovering a lot about service, exchange, supply and demand, and how this all is organized.

Our field trip to Kidzania allowed the students to have simulated and real experiences with giving a service to others – whether that be delivering a Black Cat box, checking on security, or providing a cheerleader dance to others. It also allowed the children to understand the concept of payment for their “working” efforts – receiving Kidzo money for a service well done. Enjoy the images from our field trip which supported our understanding of the Central idea: “The exchange of goods and services affect people’s lives.”

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