Digital Citizenship and the Koto Concert Update


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We, 4N are learning about digital citizenship. The main idea is about what are our responsibilities online. We are using a site called Digital Passport. We are learning so far about cyber bullying, and privacy learning. The class and I brainstormed what are all of the responsibilities online. We brainstormed things like ask an adult before signing up for something.

Digital responsibilities

Yo asked most of the girls & boys in 4N:
What did you learn so far about digital citizenship?
Yo:We can not delete things we typed on the computer.
Subin:I learned that our computer can show even the thing that we deleted.
Megan:I learn that whatever in the computer can’t be deleted.
Haruna:You need to be careful about what we type in the computer.
Airi:Ask an adult or a friend to help me.
Evan: Don’t sign up an account that you won’t use that much.
Masayuki:Don’t e mail a stranger.
Liam:I learned that if you delete something it will still be somewhere.
Taiki:That you not suppose to write something bad on the internet.
Naoya:I learned that if I delete something it will be somewhere.
Dan:I learned what you can not delete things that you write.
Regev:Ask your friend if I can upload the photo or video of him or her before I do it.


We are going to do a Koto Concert. We were going to do it in a temple but the temple was too far and also we didn’t got that much practice so we changed it to the ICJC, which is in school. We were all disappointed and some people were really looking forward to that temple concert but we are doing the concert in our practice room on May 6th so we will hope you to come to our second mini concert by Grade 4. (Our first one was in January in the Auditorium.)
-By Airi, Haruna, Yo and Naoya

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