Grade 10 Buddies Visit 4N!!


Posted by nanwanis | Posted in Grade 4 Mathematics, Grade 4N 2014/2015 | Posted on September 19, 2014

Grade 10 Buddies Visit 4N! from YIS Academics on Vimeo.

A group of eleven Grade 10 students came to our classroom this morning for our first ‘Buddy Session’ of the school year. As an ice breaker, along with some reinforcement of what the students have been working on in 4N, we measured each other’s heights. We then followed by drawing our heights in our notebooks to scale; trying to fit our measurements accurately on an B5 sized sheet of paper.

It was amusing to note the various approaches the Grade 4s took to measure their older and bigger buddies. They had them lie down on the floor, or had to stand on tip toe to reach the top of their buddy’s head. They used tape measures, meter sticks and 30 centimeter rulers to get as close as possible to the exact measurement.

We thank the Grade 10 students from Mr Kashima’s class: Ashab, Emily, Reece, Daniel, Naomi, Leo, Aiki, Jake, Shiho, Julienne and Mia, for each being a great sport and bringing their enthusiasm to Grade 4N!!

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