What are the chances?


Posted by nanwanis | Posted in Grade 3N 2015/2016, How the World Works, Mathematics | Posted on May 27, 2016

Grade 3 students are learning about probability in Mathematics. Before delving into creating probability statements for numbers, roll, picks or throws, the children practiced using the language in statements for ideas which they feel are either impossible, unlikely, have an even chance, likely or are certain to take place. They then shared their opinions on which statements they agreed or disagreed with, and provided explanations for their points of view.

Some statements challenged/supported were:

Statement: “It is certain that we will go to school on a Monday if we are not sick.”
Challenged: “I disagree with this because some people aren’t sick but will miss school if they go on vacation.”

Statement: “It is impossible to have a t-rex as a pet.”
Supported: “I agree with this because there are no more t-rex animals in the world.”

Statement: “It is certain that we will have fun at recess.”
Challenged: “I don’t agree with this because sometimes people say ‘stay away’ and then they feel sad during recess.”

Statement: “It is likely that YIS will be famous.”
Supported: “I agree with this because many students are here, and if someone goes somewhere and says ‘YIS is good’ then more people will know about it.”

Here is a slideshow with more probability statements.

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