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This week, students in 3N were introduced to RAFT reading projects. RAFT stands for Role, Audience, Format and Topic. After reading a story, the students decide on a character (Role) from the story they would pretend to be, and then create a letter/message/poster/speech/announcement (Format) to deliver to another character (Audience). They also plan what the writing is going to be about (Topic).

We read the graphic novel, Cinderella, together as a class. After our shared reading, we brainstormed some RAFT ideas together. Here are some creative ideas presented by the children:

R: Cinderella
A: The Prince’s Mother (Queen)
F: A letter
T: ‘I will take care of your son after we marry.’

R: News reporters
A: Townspeople
F: Newspaper
T: News about Ella and the Prince, such as ‘A Baby is Born!’

R: Birds
A: Cinderella
F: Thank-you letter
T: To say thanks to Cinderella for growing the tree.

R: Cinderella
A: Fairy Godmother
F: Thank-you letter
T: To say thanks for the Fairy Godmother’s help so she could go to the Ball.

R: Prince
A: Queen
F: A letter
T: To tell his mother how much fun he had dancing with Cinderella at the Ball.

R: Prince
A: Cinderella’s Father
F: A letter
T: To ask for permission to marry Cinderella.

R: Messenger
A: Stepmother and stepsisters
F: Invitation card
T: To invite the ladies to the Ball.

Several students also gave some feedback to what they felt about RAFT:

Ryoma: It’s creative, like you can make newspaper articles, add ads, and ‘bend the truth’ a little bit. It’s collaborative.

Yupar: It’s fun because you can make it your style, and if you don’t have any ideas you can ask and include their ideas.

Taisei: You don’t have to copy the book.

There are many more interesting ideas taken from the story, and we look forward to the completed RAFT projects. Photos coming soon!

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