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Here are our student led blog teams for this school year in 4N. There are five groups, with three students in each.

Team 1: Lisa, Taiki and Takahiro

This is the first time we are blogging our names are Lisa, Taiki and Taka.
We are team Super Penguin.
We like to play sports.
Taiki likes to play Basketball and good at reading and math but bad at writing.Taka and Lisa likes to play soccer. Taka is also good at math because I could do division and times table and adding and subtraction. Lisa also likes to read and write but it also depends on what to write.
We think we will be a good team because we have balanced learners.


Team 2: Aika, Juliet and Kaat

5 facts about 4N

1. 4N is caring because they listen to each other.

2.4N is very cheerful because they are always happy.

3.4N has empathy because if someone is feeling sad we try to help them.

4. 4N is kind because they help each other.

We love sweets.


Team 3: Harold, Julia and Ryuta

I like to play soccer.
I like math.
I like to play my violin.

I am good at soccer.
I am good at math.
I like to read books.

I just love any chocolate.
I love moving around in any way.
I love sports.(running)


Team 4: Issey, Kiko and Lele

1. 4N is a very good class because they are very imaginative.
2. 4N is a very creative and silly class.
3.4N is a fun class to be in because they help you with stuff and have fun at the same time.
4. They help you with problems.
5. We love 4N in rain or shine.


Team 5: Sharan, Sojiro and Oliver

Let us introduce 4N. 4N is creative.We listen to each other.


Together, we discussed what a successful blog team looks like, sounds like and feels like. Here are our contributions to the brainstorm.


We hope to deliver exciting updates about what takes place in 4N this school year!

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