Tessellation and Symmetry Hunt


Posted by nanwanis | Posted in Grade 3N 2015/2016, Mathematics, Where We Are in Time and Place | Posted on November 20, 2015

This week, we went for a walk to the park across the street to find symmetry and tessellations in nature and the local environment.

Wait… What is tessellation? Good question.

We looked at some images of tessellation online, and the Grade 3s described it as:

-patterns that repeat

Soon children noticed the tessellation patterns on Ms. Nanwani’s zigzag trousers and Ms. Brown’s houndstooth shirt.

After some more exposure and guiding, we went on to add that tessellations are

-like ‘tiles’, they are repeated patterns with no gaps in between. They fill a space.

With this in mind, we set out for our symmetry/tessellation walk to find the patterns in the real world. They also looked out for vertical, horizontal and rotational symmetrical designs. A variety of patterns were discovered, considered, and shared. Here are the students’ findings.

Tessellation and Symmetry Hunt on PhotoPeach

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