Grade 3 Critiques a Theory


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We have wrapped up our first Unit of Inquiry, Who We Are, with a Tug of War thinking routine, and had the students share their perspectives on the theory of the ways of learning. During the unit, the students were introduced to the idea of the eight Multiple Intelligences, and took a survey to see what “wise” described them best. As a reflection, we asked the students if they agree or disagree with the theory. Here are their responses (in student voices):


  • I agree because I’ve always known I was picture wise.
  • I like the piece of paper because now I no how much I am self wise.
  • I like the uint Because I though I was logic, wold, picture wise. I have known that for awhile.
  • I agree because then I could learned more about my self and my friends. For example like I am more of picture wise person and felicity is more of a word wise, so it did help me.
  • I think theory is halful. Because, It halp me to know my wise and They are my faverate thing are.
  • I agree because it helped me learn about myself.
  • I think I agree because I like to know about my friend. I think I was nature wise because I made a diorama about the ocean. I like the therey.
  • I agree because I believe I am nature wise.
  • I agree because I knew I was nature wise and on the paper it said I was nature wise. I love to care for animals, I prefer to be outdoors rather than indoors too. That makes me nature wise.
  • I Agree because I am pretty picture wise and also word wise
  • I agree because I like to read books and I like to spell.
  • I agree because It helps me know about what type of person I am.
  • I agree because I am body wise
  • I agree because now I know I like people wise and picture wise.
  • I like this project because it helps us understand people, and if we understand peple we can make friends.
  • I agree that the paper was halpfull because I am body wise on the paper and I know that I am bode wise. I know that I am self wis and I am self wise on the paper
  • I agree because I had lots of fun making graphs.
  • This is heping me beaucus I can read it instden of thiking.
  • I agaree because now I know music wise and I know what I like
  • I agree because I learned alot about myself
  • I thinked it helped me because Naw I know I am Nacher wise.
  • I agree because if you now wich is your wise then you could talk about it.
  • I agree because we can know what tipe of learner we are.
  • I agree because we all did well with ticking the paper.
  • I Agree because it says I am a picture wise learner and I like art a lot. It also says that I am a logic wise learner and I like to know how things work.
  • I agree because its a good way to learne a inportat things.
  • I agree because I think everyone made their graphs neatly
  • I think the theory is good. because we can shere the information that what is it his wise and we can made dream at see the theory.
  • But I agree because Im people wise (This student had a comment for both agree and disagree.)


  • I Disagree because Im not that music wise
  • I diss agree because I was confused I don’t like word wise but it says word wise
  • I dissagree because help me learn abuot Logic wise because I had body wise more
  • I disagre because it says I am not people wise but I like team sports
  • I disagree because it says I am not nature wis but I like animals
  • I dis agry because I am not peple wise.
  • I’m disagree. I think not thing happen with out 2 thing. One thing is people wise can be soccer. Other thing is body wise can be hard to sit chair.
  • I Disagree because it did not have good sentences because I like soccer and it said I was not very body wise
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