Units of Inquiry

Unit of Inquiry Timeline for Grade 3 are as follows:

Unit 1 Who We Are- Exploring different learning styles helps individuals understand each other better.

Unit 2 Where We Are in Place and Time- Exploration leads to knowledge and innovation.

CURRENT UNIT: Unit 3 How We Express Ourselves- Performance engages an audience and invites a response.

Key Concepts: form, function, reflection

Related Concepts: creativity, expression, performance, collaboration, ensemble, appreciation, composition, communication

Lines of Inquiry

  • Exploring different kinds of performance
  • How performances are developed
  • How a performance can be improved¬†

Unit 4 How the World Works- All simple machines transfer force, which makes life easier.

Unit 5 How We Organize Ourselves- The exchange of goods and services affects people’s lives.

Unit 6 Sharing the Planet- The choices people make as they buy and consume things can lead to the creation of waste.

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