DP Music 12

In the final year of music at YIS we will focus on all of the components that make up a musician.  By this point you are accomplished in many ways as a musician.  Our goal is to further that path.

Composition will be approached from the techniques that will be used as well as through a holistic musical and aesthetic lens.  We will study the tools that great composers have been using; built on the shoulders of the composers before them.  We will also be exploring modern compositional techniques.

Performance is a key component to the DP music program.  We are lucky at YIS to have many different performance opportunities.  These performances in the last year, however, will showcase the breadth of knowledge of our music students.  They will be sometimes be in genres outside of the musicians main focus of musical study.

Music Analysis will focus on both the aural and the written analysis of compositions in varied genres of music.  This analysis will include harmonic, rhythmic, structural as well as many other components of composition.

Finally we will study musical cultures that are foreign to our own as well as historical developments that have led up to the musical stage that we now find ourselves.

I look forward to working with you all.

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