Music 10

In year 10 music we will be presenting music through performance, composition and analyzation. The students will practice dictation, transcription and performance through singing and an instrument.

Unit 1: At the beginning of the year we will be focusing on arrangement through the lens of “Motown”. We will learn about arranging a melody and harmony, as well as ‘reharming’ a song.

Unit 2: The second unit of work will focus on key change in modern composition and orchestration. This will help us get ready for these skills needed for the IB DP music program.

Unit 3: We will revisit the art of soundtracks. This time we will go much farther in depth into the techniques used to create music for film that creates tension and release.

Unit 4: In the last unit of work for this year we will explore Polyphonic work especially focusing on the Baroque era. We will learn the techniques used by greats such as Bach and Handel.

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