Music 6

In 6th Grade Music the first we will be exploring is the experience of learning how to play an instrument.  We will be doing this through every aspect of learning an instrument: structured practice, instrument care, ensemble and solo performance skills.  As we become musicians we will turn our focus first into duration and then to pitch.

Unit 1: Students will have the opportunity to listen to, and experiment with, a variety of instruments before choosing one that they would like to learn.  They will learn the responsibility needed to become proficient on a new instrument through structure practice and ensemble performance.

Unit 2: Students will focus on rhythm and duration with percussion and how they create musical patterns and form.  They will explore how to extend that knowledge with their chosen instrument with a rhythmic variation.

Unit 3: Students will investigate pitch, intervals and how music moves linearly.  This will culminate in a performance as an ensemble using new scales in the spring concert.

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