Pull-out Lessons

Pull out Lesson Schedule

The music department is very happy to again be offering our system of music instrumental education. This small-group, ‘pull-out’ style lesson will be based, firstly on the instrument “families” and secondly, on the students’ ability. Classes will be available for complete beginners who are developing the skills and aural vocabulary needed to begin on the path towards musicianship, as well as those aimed toward advancing an individual’s technique and playing in a group setting.
The mastery of an instrument requires consistency for muscle memory to develop. The student’s commitment would be one period per week which would take place during their normal school schedule, however it would not affect the same class more than once a month.
The student will be responsible for making up class work from the missed class time. The student will also be required to set aside time outside of the pull-out class for practice and keeping a practice journal. There is no extra cost for these small group pull-out sessions and students. There will be opportunities throughout the year for performance in larger ensembles that will meet after school or in the smaller groups in their respective group.

The instrument families that will be offered will be:
● woodwind (clarinet, flute, alto-tenor-baritone saxophones, oboe)
● brass (trumpet, trombone, baritone)
● strings (violin, viola, cello, double bass)
● guitar (electric, acoustic, classical, ukulele)
● piano
● percussion

For students with no experience with an instrument, we ask that they initially pick an instrument are interested in, and over the course of the first three weeks, they will have an opportunity to change instruments if they wish. The beginning level group lessons in each instrument family will focus on building proficiency on the instrument of choice and creating good practice habits.
The intermediate and advanced classes will focus on curriculum centered repertoire that will complement the general music classes while giving concrete example for musicians to put into practice the concepts that they have been learning.
The study of music is a process and this system builds on prior knowledge to facilitate our students to become mature musicians.  We are very excited about these new opportunities for your children. Please take time to discuss the choice of an instrument with your child.   Students will be discussing instrument choices in their music classes over the next week and signing up at school. Parents and students can show interest in the program by filling out this form: Sign Up

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