Rock School

I started Rock School at YIS my first year here. My idea was that back when I was in middle and high school I wanted nothing more than to play in a band. I already was in wind ensemble playing the flute parts on guitar and then the tuba parts on bass… but this wasn’t ticking all of the boxes. I mean most of the music I listened to were bands made up of vocals, guitars, bass, keyboards and drums but there were no opportunities in school to do this. So my friends and I did what all high-schoolers did that wanted to play in a band. We played with friends in our garages.
       We had no help, no one to show us what to do and no youtube to teach ourselves so unfortunately it was really slow going and very basic. And on top of that there were no venues that were going to let new (and not very good yet) bands perform in my home town. Our equipment was really terrible and the songs we played were all really simple because thats all we could do. But I still loved every minute of it.
     So one of my favorite things I get to do now as a music teacher is fix all of those issues that I had to deal with growing up and share with YIS students the love of being in a band. First and foremost I wanted it open to anyone. I say quite often that learning music is a journey and everyone starts at the beginning of the path.  But we are all in different places along that path and thats ok. Actually thats one of the strengths of Rock school. People are always showing others how to play a new riff or some part of an arrangement. And it helps the person teaching too!
      Also I wanted to give these new bands outlets to perform. At YIS we have lots of outlets to share our music and with the new recording equipment we are getting even more exposure. The only way to get better at music is to practice and bands need practice performing to become great too. When you look at many of the high school bands and performers that formed at YIS now a great deal of them had something to do with Rock School. It makes me really happy to listen to them develop as musicians, performers and now recording artist and composers too.
       Its open to anyone. If you’ve been a secret rockstar and don’t have any experience playing in front of people its a great way to gain that. If you don’t have a lot of close friends that play music its a great way to meet and become part of the scene at our school. Please come join us!

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