Make more! When children connect to the class blog.

The children enjoyed viewing the class blog and were amazed to read that 221 people had looked at their blog in August.  They were intrigued by the idea that “everyone in the world” could see them and share their learning. The children requested that we share more pictures of them. We wonder when they will ask to document and share their own learning.

1P’s First Day of School! By Ms Connie

1P create poetry


The children loved reading and discussing poetry written by last years class. They quickly picked up on the element of repetition and simply verse which does not have to rhyme.

This is the poem the children wrote as a class.


First Day of School







By 1P

Poetry introduces children to rich vocabulary and develops their skills as writers. We will be reading many poems and creating personal anthologies.

1P write their own poetry

After a short discussion the children wrote their own poetry and took great joy in sharing it with others. Poetry is a social process of writing and is easy for children to share. Maybe we can create a class anthology of the poems the children create.

First day of school, building community.

The children who are new to YIS came into school for a visit. They quickly began to explore the learning spaces. After a short time they turned their attention to exploring personal relationships. Whilst some children were using the clay one child lent into another child’s personal space and quietly said, “Can I play with you?” The reply came in the form of a smile and the word, “Yes.”

On the first day of school we were aware of similar conversations between children in both classes. Not all communication is verbal, there were children sharing spaces and resources as a way of saying we can learn together. There were also connections being made between parents. Our Grade One community began to form. This has already formed an authentic link to our first Unit of Inquiry about personal identity.

We hope you enjoy the images. Please feel free to share the blog link with all your family and friends. Learning is a social process and we call upon all our community to engage in learning experiences with us.

When children are given a puppet provocation.

We wondered what would happen if we invited the children to create their own puppet. Connie suggested asking the children if they would like to make puppet shows. The children readily agreed and spent the next two hours engrossed in creativity. Whilst we know the children were independent and creative thinkers we were suprised how long they sustained their learning. This idea quickly grew: puppets were made, stories were created, scenery and props were made. Without a prompt the children began writing down their ideas for the plays. Aaron Reed, the art teacher, offered to take a lesson in our class and helped the children develop their scenery.

These videos were recorded the following day. They are not polished performances and reflect the children’s spontaneous desire to entertain others. Some children had group members away and still shared their plays. Enjoy.

Puppet Show – A Way of Expressing Ourselves in 1P on PhotoPeach By Ms Connie

It doesn’t work! Real world maths, bread for the sleepover.

The children’s tally charts for the amount of bread we need for the sleepover was very accurate. They added up the slices of bread needed for sandwiches and breakfast (13 and 19). There were multiple methods for adding these numbers, many children made use of number bonds to 1o and their knowledge of working in 10’s.

The next issue was working out how many loaves of bread were needed. Each package has 8 slices and we need 34 slices…

As you can see from the video the children came up with many ways of solving the problem. It proved relatively easy to split the bread into groups of 8. The real issue came with solving the problem of the 2 extra slices. This is real world problem solving.

Listen out for the solutions. (I didn’t capture Lime saying ask people to change their minds.)

Sleepover shopping trip

The children formed groups and started crossing things off on their shopping list. The had calculated how much bread they needed and how much juice to buy. The children found all the items themselves, paid for them and packed their bags. They walked all the way up the steep steps back to school. We are ready for the sleepover. The children have everything they need to make their own food.

1P Shopped At HOMES For Sleepover Day! on PhotoPeach by Ms Connie