Video resources to help discuss of Unit of Inquiry. People create services to connect people.

These are some resources we have found which help children understand service learning and volunteering. Please can you take a look at them and discuss them with your children in your home language.

This video is sponsored by a company, but it is good.

Sesame Street video explaining the word volunteer, it is very good.

This is another Sesame Street video showing the work of food banks.

These are the approaches to learning we are developing in this unit (orange thinking). Please talk to your children about them in your home languages.

Social Skills:
Group decision making – Try and agree on something by listening to others and asking questions
Communication Skills:
Listening – I can listen to directions; listening to others; listening to information.
Nonverbal communication – I use my body and look at other people to show my feelings.

Self Management Skills:
Code of behaviour- Following rules we agree upon when we work together. Good video to start a discussion.

Research Skills:
Collecting data- I will think about where I can find things out. I will think about which may
Recording data- I will use drawing, writing, blogging, tally charts and other things to share what I found out.
Recording data- I will use drawing, writing, blogging, tally charts and other things to share what I found out.

These are the attitudes we are developing (Purple thinking)

Commitment, don’t give up video


Aoi’s mum reads to us in Japanese.

We are getting very good at guessing.
What is your favourite colour?
– White
What do you like to do?
– I like listening to music
What do you look like?
– I have short hair
What languages do you speak?
– I speak Korean and I speak Japanese

How many children do you have at YIS?
I have two boys

– Where are you from?
I’m from Korea

Parent sharing, when children lead a community to learn together

Our classroom doors are always open to everyone, but once a month the children invite their parents in to share their learning.

The children quickly made a list of all the things they wanted to share.

  • Book box
  • Poetry in the window
  • Poetry folder
  • Writing folder
  • What they made
  • Exercise dice
  • Learning Wall
  • Maths Learning Journal

The children brought their parents into the class and set about showing them all their learning. The video shows the gentle buzz in the room. Everyone was very engaged.

Ms Connie captured the feelings through her beautiful photography
Parent Sharing Nov. 22, 2016 on PhotoPeach

“We say, we are real people… and you are real people too.”

Ken summed up the children’s sentiments. We are all people and we can all learn from each other. On a very cold and wet day the grade 1 children joined the middle and high school Chiku Centre group to make onigiri for the homeless community of Yokohama. The children seamlessly fitted in. There was no need to tell them what to do. The children made onigiri (rice cakes) and added stickers with personal messages from the children (we love love you, hello, have a good day). The multi-coloured stickers shone out on this dark day. They worked tirelessly, making, wrapping, re-wrapping, adding stickers and tidying up the mess.

Children’s reflections:

Vita: Like you have to wash your hands because you make something and help. The homeless people doesn’t have house and money.

Diego: I wasn’t so good at making the onigiri at first and then I got rally good. We can help the homeless people so they can eat and not starve.

Devano: I learned how to make onigiri and be be respectful to homeless people. By making food.

Hayato:  I learned to make onigiri, because the homeless people don’t have money and cant buy. ”

Erik: I learned how to make onigiri, because I didn’t know. The homeless people don’t have money so we give them onigiri.

Ken: I learned how to make triangle onigiri and we give them to the homeless people and then the big kids give it to the Chiku Centre and we put stickers on it. We said good luck… we say we are real people and you are real people too.”

Chloe: Well… It was my first time making onigiri for the homeless people and also made the triangles and before I didn’t know how to. The homeless people can’t get things and they are called homeless because they sleep on the floor.”

Sophie: We made onigiri for the homeless people because they don’t have money and buy a house.”

Jesse:  I saw the homeless people on the train station they was sleeping. They don’t have presents or money. They don’t have present and we made them onigiri and put on a sticker to make them happy.”

Mona: This is the first time to make onigiri. Stickers is for homeless people because stickers like presents and homeless people doesn’t have presents.

Aoi: Like a saw a homeless boy in Korea and Japan. I said to my dad who is that? My dad teach me. I think they sad. We make onigiri and sticker and make happy.

Owen: I sort of enjoyed making the ongiri and I really enjoyed putting on the stickers. We help or they will get sick and die.

Masaichi: I can make the triangle ongiri. This is first time I make triangle onigiri. Give to homeless people because they don’t have home or money.

Jimin: I saw the homeless the people. Homeless people no home, no food and no presents. They sad. I saw two grandpas.

To give. To receive. To connect. To learn.

High School and Grade 1’s – A Joint Effort for the Homeless By Connie

Masaichi mum reads to us in Japanese.

It took us quite some time to guess

What is your favourite colour?
Mint green

What do you like to do?
I love traveling and camping. I also love shopping, thinking about fashion, like what kind of nails I want to to do next.

What do you look like?
I am tall and have short hair.

What languages do you speak?
Japanese and a little bit of English.

How many children do you have at YIS?

Where are you from?

Chiku Centre Tuesday! YIS students as role models.

We had a visit from a grade 5 student. She told us about their initiative to feed the homeless people at the Chiku centre fresh fruit. Each week we can bring in a piece of fruit. The high school students will take it to the centre. We can support this initiative by bringing fruit. FRESH FRUIT FRIDAY

dsc_6676Next we had a visit from two high school members of the Chiku centre  group. They explained to us about the Chiku Centre and how they helped support people by making food. They chop up vegetables and then go back to the centre and serve curry soup to people. Sometimes people get onigiri (rice balls), if people make them.

On Friday 11th November the high school students have  asked grade 1 to come and help make onigiri. The grade 1 readily agreed, they wanted to know how they could help. The high school students said one of the issues is having enough rice to make the onigiri, as it costs lots of money.

On Friday the grade1’s are ready to lend their onigiri making expertise. We wonder how this relationship with the Chiku Centre group will grow? Will be children be compelled to initiate something of their own? This is an exciting time as we watch the children learn that service learning is an act of: giving, receiving, connecting and learning.


Where in your body… an exploration of feelings and how to create calm.

We posed the question, “Where in your body do you feel mad?”. The children pondered where the feeling began and where it moved to. We explored the ideas that all feelings are OK, we just need to acknowledge them and know how to deal with them. These pictures show the children’s representations of feelings in their body. Thank you Ms Connie

If we have a feeling we want to modify, how do we do this? The children explained :

They had safe quiet spots they liked to go to.

They breathe in through their noses.

They shout.

They run.

Ms Kumamoto has worked with us on developing our skills to relax and meditate. We also had the opportunity to explore the role of smell in calming our bodies and minds. The children had a special session where they were given six natural ingredients and reflected on how they made them feel. These ingredients were combined to make a relaxing scent sachet. It was very interesting watching the children and the calm and quiet that came over the space as the children developed their special sachet.

Learning About Incense and Its Importance To People’s Lives on PhotoPeach