Sleepover is here!

Sleepover day! The children bounced into the room. There weren’t so many parents around as the children quickly waved them goodbye. The bags were taken to the loft and the children took themselves to assembly. After assembly the children made their own sandwiches and onigiri. A group of children prepared fresh fruit salad for breakfast, it smells amazing. The classroom have had a very thorough “Friday Tidy”. The rain has stopped and we are ready for sleepover. We will share photo’s and video on Monday.

Sleepover begins on PhotoPeach

Creating a bouquet is like making a Grade One Community

IMAG0379-2 (2)On Monday each child brought in a flower. This was a lovely surprise, we didn’t know it was teacher appreciation week. As we put each flower into the vase we were reminded of our grade one community. Each one of us is unique, we each have our own qualities and we come together to make something beautiful and new. The bouquet is glorious and reminds us of the pleasure and joy we get from our special year group. Thank you.

Sleep over, making it count.

The children took all their food for the sleepover data and brought it together. We discussed the importance of getting the amounts right. This is real food for a real event. The children agreed, they didn’t want to be hungry. The tally charts the children made were very accurate.

A new issue arose…

We know how many slices of pizza we need, but how many pizza is it in total. Everyone turned their number of pizza slices into cubes. The children sat in a circle, the first person said their number of slices and passed it on to the next person. “I want 3 slices.” “3 and 2 is 5” “5 and 4 is 9” . When  they got the 12 they knew they had a whole pizza. The next issue which arose was what to do then you have 6 slices left. The children worked out it was 1/2 a pizza. Real world maths… you can’t buy 1/2 a pizza.

Thank you to Ms Connie for her photostory about collecting the data.

1P Planning for the Sleepover Day! By Ms Connie

Calligraphy, the poetry of kanji.

The children have explored the physical and metaphysical beauty of  kanji. The physical beauty of kanji was experienced through creating the characters themselves, firstly with pencils and then with calligraphy brushes. In it’s simplest form, the beauty of the piece lies in the physical act of creating something others can enjoy. There are many possibilities for the artist.

Then there are the metaphysical questions: What is there? What is it like? What are the possibilities? This is the story the kanji holds, its historical message that resonates through time. It is the poetry, the kanji for ‘rest’ is shown as a person under a tree. To ‘listen’ can be represented as an eye, ear and heart. It is our personal reaction to the symbols and the meaning we construct for ourselves.

One school. Gr1 make a poster for outside the Gr12 IB exam room.

IMG_7438The  Grade Twelve’s have been mentoring the Grade One’s this year. They worked with Grade One to help them understand community action when the children decided they wanted to support the homeless of Yokohama. They stood side by side as they made 529 onigiri. The seniors even included them in their prank day.

So we invited the children to do something for the seniors, we wondered whether they would like to make a big poster to hang outside the IB exam room. The children instantly said yes, and came up with lots of ideas.

They decided to include words of encouragement

Good luck with your job.

Do your best.

Just try.

Nice job.

You are on fire.

Thank you

I love you

I hope you pass your exams

This is for you.

Hope you finish.

Poster for the Gr 12 students

Food lists for the sleepover.

The children made their first list of food for the sleepover, it included steak, pancakes, curry and chocolate fountains. Reia asked who would cook the food for us. We informed the children they had to make all the food themselves. Isa sunk her head into her hands and laughed, “It’s going to be a disaster!” The lists were modified. The general consensus was a “Sunset Snack” would be needed. We suggested a cold watermelon, everyone agreed this sounded delicious.

The list is long and includes sandwiches and onigiri snacks for the park. It was interesting that the children make a connection back to their service learning food, onigiri.  The food for dinner is pizza and breakfast is fruit, cereal and nutella sandwiches (Owen said his brother got to eat this at his sleepover in kindergarten).

These lists have already provided many authentic links to our taught curriculum, from writing lists, organizing data and explaining their thinking to others.

The next stage will be calculating how much food we need. Lots of mathematical commutation here.

How much milk is used per serving of cereal?

How many slices of bread will people eat for park snack?

One School. When Grade Nine Learn To Lead.

Do you want to dance or read in the library?

Photo on 5-13-16 at 1.39 PM #3IMG_0288Photo on 5-13-16 at 1.39 PM #4Photo on 5-13-16 at 1.38 PMIMG_0293Photo on 5-13-16 at 1.38 PM #2

Post By Donna Saito

Are you ready for the Grade One Sleepover?

The children are very excited about the sleepover and have waited very patiently to start the planning process. Today we started the planning process, and there was a surprise! The children are very excited to be sleeping in the ICJC building (next to the gym). We used this last year and being in our own “house” was very exciting to the children.

Your child will need to pack

  • 1 teddy bear or night-time toy
  • I book (optional)
  • pyjamas
  • sleeping bag
  • small pillow
  • toothpaste
  • toothbrush
  • hair brush or comb
  • face cloth
  • wash bag to put wash things in
  • full set of extra clothes
  • Clean underwear
  • flashlight

The children are excited about managing their own belongings and routines, “just like grown-ups!”. It will be easier for the children to look after their belongings if they are clearly labeled. The children should practice packing and unpacking their bags by themselves, several times, so that they know exactly what they have in their bags, where to find everything and how to fit it all in. (Sleeping bags can be particularly tricky.) This will help the children feel a sense of control and independence and will ease anxiety. We talked about how everything has to fit in one overnight bag and the importance of “packing light”. While we have discouraged the children from bringing big suitcases (for space and storage reasons), it is important that the bag is big enough for children to fit  ALL their belongings inside easily.

Sleepover unplugged

We proposed that the sleepover be ‘unplugged’, with no electronic devices, after much debate the children have agreed. As someone said, “Anyway how would I connect to the wifi?”

The children made their first lists in pairs. We came back together and one group read their list. The other groups ticked off  if they had the same item. This was a great tool for working together.