How can you use this isolationist technology with young children. How are they ever going to develop social skills?

This is probably the most fascinating elements of implementing this programme to date. It has changed the social dynamics in the class and not in a bad way. The children are all friendly toward each other, but defiantly have defined friendship groups  which are not crossed regularly. But now…

IMG_0797iPad friends are here.

As I observe the children using the iPad I am noticing new friendship groups forming. Children who have never taken any real social interest in each other are now working together.


I trying to work this out by observation, this is what I have noticed:

Existing friendship groups seem to have different favourite apps

Children find someone at their level to work with, maybe a new friend.

Children find someone above their skill level to teach them how to use the app or maybe help them develop a skill.

They then find new apps and come back and share them within an existing group, once they have explored them with someone new.

Children at similar stages of development who may have been slightly frustrated by each other, seem very happy to share an Ipad and work on skill development together. Maybe it gives time to work at their pace?

The most unconfident child with the Ipad has turned into an outgoing ‘techie’ who works along side another leading ‘techie’. The learning curve is incredible.

Someone in the class with developing English skills is the most able when discovering new uses for the app and can now share this with children. In affect it has made this child a leader.

It is all very fluid and changes all the time. They have truly created their own  learning communities.

What the children said:

We like to be with different friends.  They teach me.

I will keep you updated.

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