Children teaching parents-blog launch and iPad party.

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Thank you for making my day and giving your time. Every minute of this was a joy. I was so nervous and the children were so relaxed. They took such control of the event. It was as I thought, they just didn’t need me. I can’t wait to share the video’s with you of the event. I also have loads of great video’s of the children as they are learning.

On another note, their  IT (technology skills) skills are incredible. They teach each other and me. They just go from strength to strength. They buzz around the room like bees. They find out something and take it and show someone else. I teach one child and they teach the others. They  find new things and teaching me. So exciting. I love teaching and learning from this class.

Maybe we should have another Technology party and the children can show you some of the programmes we are using? What do you think?

The children taught the parents to use our blog and iPads. It was a blog launch and iPad party. on PhotoPeach

2 thoughts on “Children teaching parents-blog launch and iPad party.

  1. Look great Zoe!! Love you classroom settings. Do you have a set of Macbooks in the classroom? The slideshow is really impressive. You did a great job there. xox

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