Please put this on the blog Ms Zoe

How Twitter is helping us in Kindergarten

Keep checking the blog I have a big surprise for the children. They will soon be tweeting.

I have been learning to use twitter and am following @mscofino. She tweeted a great link to an iPad Christmas concert.

I couldn’t wait to get to school on Monday to share it with the children. I didn’t tell them what kind of concert it was. They were enthralled  with it. We decided it should go on the blog. I am please they decided this because it means they are thinking of the blog as their space.

I asked them to justify putting it on the blog:

Show it to family because it is so good.

Show family so they can have the instruments put on their iPad… or the iPad they want to own!

They wanted to see it again.

So here we are an iPad concert.

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