iPads: Children tweet their pictures to the blog.

Thought P-perfect were go? Now they are blogging and tweeting by themselves!

Screen shot 2010-12-15 at 1.28.34 PM

I wanted the children to have more control over their blog. Although they are K-Perfect I was not sure I wanted them in the site management area! I noticed all our iPad drawing programmes upload to Twitter.  So does Blocks the computer animated design Lego app. Thanks to lots of brain work from Elif Raskin, Kim Cofino and I, we added a Twitter feed to our blog.

So what?

Today the children spoke messages into my iPhone using Dragon Dictate (bit tricky, need to speak really slowly and clearly). This free app turns the spoken word into text, very cool. I am starting to think of loads of ways to use this in class. The children were really surprised to see the message appear in the blog. Next they drew a picture on the iPad and tweeted it to the blog (see the sidebar on the blog). This is such a great, quick way for children to record their ideas. It was really quite easy and it is all theirs.

What the children said:

We could show your pictures to our mummy’s and daddy’s. Maybe my brothers and sisters would like to see. It’s good because children can do it. You can look at it when you want.

we tweeted their

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