KP-Staying connected through technology.

This week we all stayed connected as a class. Some children tweeted pictures to friends who are in another country and we used email. These ideas came from the children. They wanted things to go on the blog so everyone could share it.

An email message from Molly.

Our KP community and stay connected with technology.

Our KP community and stay connected with technology.

To Ms Zoe and everyone in KP

What are you doing at school?
I am going to a school in England because my daddy is going to America and so we are staying in England longer.  I have made a friend called Bonita and the teacher is called Mrs Bovis.  The class is different because there are lots more children and in the morning the teacher says good morning and everyone has to say good morning Mrs Bovis

and I miss you so much love from molly.
Our Reply:
Mai: I miss you to. What do you do at school?
Jolie: I hope you have a good time.
Taiki: I miss you so much.
Sojiro: Are you happy?
Julia: Are you doing good?
Kento: Are you sad or are you happy? Have a good time.
Kana: Have a good trip.
Ms Yukka: I am looking forward to seeing you soon.
Ms Zoe: Hello gorgeous, please have a fantastic visit. See if there are rock pools, it was my favourite thing to do in Devon when I was little… oh and fish and chips!
What we are doing:
Kana and Kento have come to our class. We are sending you some pictures of us. The cherry blossom has come out.

3 thoughts on “KP-Staying connected through technology.

  1. Hello to the lovely Miss Kana and her classmates from Tampa, Florida.

    We all just finished spring break and are looking forward to the summer.

    Are the cherry blossoms blooming yet? We are enjoying perfect beachy days because we know they will soon turn into Florida hot and muggy summer temperatures.

    Molly, Reilly and Max, Kayla, Laney and Trey send BIG monster hugs and kisses to you.

    Give some to Shun- balloon too.


    Aunt Stephanie

  2. The cherry blossom is bloom and it is pink and it is pretty. We might come back to Florida or we might not for the holiday. I am not sure. Kana

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