Measurement-Knowing the words but what do they mean?

The children realise that rulers are used for measuring, but they don’t know how. They noticed the numbers on the rulers. They dismissed the wooden polls, as they had no numbers. The children realised that when you measure you use words like kilometre, metre  and centimetres. They came to the realisation that they don’t know what this looks like.

If you say 25, what does that mean? The discussion moved to the language of measuring. The children thought the big ruler is a kilometre and the small ruler is a metre. How would they find out out this?

New method of recording chosen by the children

The children decided to go and ask people. They were going to write down the answers, then decided to video the answers. The video would then go on the blog. No one likes editing except Sojiro, so that seems to be our job!


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