First Day Photostory.

Looking forward to sharing many more precious moments with you.

The First Day in Kindergarten-2011-12 on PhotoPeach

Both classes came together for a story.  Zoe read “We Share Everything” by Robert Munch.  The story starts on the first day of Kindergarten.  After reading the story, w asked the children what they would like to learn in Kindergarten.

Play together
The first time I was here, in two minutes i made a friend
We are going to behave
We need to sleep!
Go crazy.
I want to learn letters.
I know how to do everything already.
Do you know how to fly a space ship?
I want to learn what shoes are made from.
I want to know where is the gym.
I know already that the gym has a bathroom and toilets.
You have to drink because its hot, so much on hot days.
If you fly a space ship you always have a space suit on.

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