iPads in KG Year Two.

I encouraged the children to try and use something they hadn’t explored on the second half day of school. “Computer!” said one girl who had been at summer school with my colleague Tasha Cowdy. Up she jumped,  I was going to direct her to the desk top! She smiled shot out the door down the corridor and came back with two iPads! Not one because she was going to share with a new friend.


Today I saw all the same learning behaviours  as last year. This was the first day the whole class had been together and they had spent the morning in self-directed small groups. When the iPads came out they became homogenised. One girl who had been at summer school took control of distribution and they set about forming small learning hubs. The child who had been silent spoke and another child who had chosen to be alone joined in a group.

What I consistently observe, iPads do not isolate children somestimes:

  • Children working alone, exploring.
  • Children working together, giving and receiving advice.
  • Children form learning groups, like bees in a hive, they all have a job.


  • Watch and TRY to be quiet and observe.
  • Intervene to support when they see the need.

The video speaks for itself.

One thought on “iPads in KG Year Two.

  1. Thank you! This helps me to understand that iPads are encouraging students to get socialized. Technological tools actually could drive their community to get better connected!

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