Hello Vermont, Mexico, Hong Kong and Indonesia we are KP.

Our Unit of Inquiry: Personal journeys show the way that people change and can lead to new opportunities.

One way to map change overtime is to record our thoughts onto a Voice Thread. The best thing about a voice Thread, Kyle discovered, is that we can share it on the blog. The really cool thing about Voice Thread is that anyone can add to our discussion.

We are excited to share our thoughts with other schools. We soon realised we had a problem,

  • They can come to us… umm no, who will leave their grown ups.
  • We will Skype… ummm no, America is asleep when we are at school.

We can use the blog and we can share our Voice Thread… umm YES!

This fits perfectly into our Unit of Inquiry, no extra work. The children are learning how to express themselves thoughtfully and articulate clearly (speaking and listening skills, Language Arts curriculum).  The added value is the audience. The children are mindful that their words are being shared around the world.

A huge thank you to our ICT facilitator Elif Raskin for helping the children. Next time they will work in small groups to support each other master the tool. Voice Thread is a focus tool for us this year. We feel it is a valuable technological tool for children build metacognitive skills (think about their thinking0 and support language growth.


5 thoughts on “Hello Vermont, Mexico, Hong Kong and Indonesia we are KP.

  1. I really enjoyed listening to what all of you want to improve on. I think some of you may need to talk with your parents about it so they can help you too. Thanks for telling us a little bit more about you.

  2. These were great! Sammy you didn`t mention how long daddy took mopping up the tea this morning after he kicked it off the table whilst you were both playing football in the house!!

  3. Zoe, my wife and I (Kyle’s grandparents) appreciate you sharing via various media your classroom and students with us. Not only do we eagerly watch for Kyle, but we are also very interested in Kyle’s classmates. All did well.

    By the way, Kyle has been to Vermont. He may remember cutting his chin in an accident at the Montshire Museum in Norwich, Vermont.

  4. We loved watching your Voicethread and hearing about what you like, what you are good at, and what you want to get better at. Now we want to make one and share it with you!
    Thanks for sharing.

  5. Hi KP!
    I am Miss Helen, I work in a school in Indonesia. It was great to hear all about you. I hope we can work together and learn from each other. Is there a way to post a Voice Thread onto your blog, or do we have to make our own blog and put it on?

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