iPads in Kindergarten, a tool not a toy.

When I was at the conference in Shanghai I got to work with a wonderful educator called Gail Lovely. Her expression ‘ iPads are tools not toys’ really resonated  with me, because this is exactly how we use them in the Kindergarten.

KP children already realise the iPad is a tool not a toy. When the children manage their daily schedule they know to integrate technology tools, iPads, laptops into their schedule. They do not have it as an isolated subject time. Of course we have times to teach new tools, but on a daily basis it is  integrated.

Examples form the children,

Reading: Listen to books on the iPad

Maths: Use the maths apps to learn numbers and tweet patterns to the blog.

Writing: Word process on the laptop or practice letter formation on the iPad.

So if a 5 year old can do it…


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