Personal journeys that led to change and new opportunities.

Tasha read this great book called ‘Clem always could’ By Sarah Watt. It fits beautifully into our unit of inquiry about personal journeys, that led to new opportunities for personal growth. I decided to mirror Tasha’s idea.The children loved the book and were able to reflect upon the idea that there are challenges we face and people help us face these challenges.

We have created a voicethread to share their experiences. They are a very aware that many people see their blog. Kyle and Sammy said it needed to be very good for the people in Indonesia. Max pointed out that the whole world could look at it, but they do need a computer. They worked with great purpose. A real reason to write and share.

Would you like to learn how to comment on the voicethread? We really need your help. So many of the experiences the children share are about their parents. It would be wonderful if you could recount the event as well. There area also some siblings who may need to make a comment.

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