Kindergarteners control their use of iPads.

As the children were organising their daily schedule they decided they wanted to use the iPads. Their first idea was to use them in their reading sessions. The next idea was to make pictures for the blog. I gave them the idea of tweeting them to the blog. You can see the results on the twitter side bar of the blog.

I am very impressed with their growing knowledge of the apps and their ability to incorporate them into their daily learning. They are able to justify and explain how any app is helping them learn and create. They make times to explore and learn. Very impressive for five year olds.

2 thoughts on “Kindergarteners control their use of iPads.

  1. Hello Class KP,

    We are a Y2 class in Brighton, UK. We love your work on the I-pads and the pictures are great. Our teacher thinks you are very clever to be able to use Twitter already! Will you have a look at our blog?

    Love from Kingfisher Class

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