Hello KinderPris we made these for you.

The children love receiving comments on their blogs from around the world. They have begun to make personal connections with other classes. KinderPris in Indonesia made a voicethread in response to our post. They linked to our blog. This fascinated KP. Sammy said, “Look, these are our friends.” They are able to connect to the wider  world, and it is beginning to makes sense to them.

The children have decided to make things for KinderPris. Interestingly it never occurred to them to send them physical items. They made things and asked me to take photo’s and put it on the blog. They picked photopeach as the tool to show their word and picked the music. Some children have decided to make a voicethread to share.

Love the world. on PhotoPeach

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  3. Waters, I met my goal of creating a quiz using PhotoPeach! In fact, I like the feutare so much, I’ve used the quiz a few times recently. Here is an example of a quiz from a Circle post we did last week.Yesterday, I realized that I should be using PhotoPeach more because, as you said, it saves a lot of time. (No, I’m not being paid.) I had a student who went whale watching and wanted to write about it on the blog. Usually, I upload all the pictures one at a time and then call the student up to let them type the text. It can be quite time consuming. As I was watching the photos upload, I thought, “What am I doing? This is taking so much time!”I quickly opened up PhotoPeach. We loaded all the photos at one time from the child’s jump drive. We discussed choosing music…how the mood of a slide show is influenced by music and she picked an appropriate song. I taught her how to click on a picture and add the text. It was done in no time, and it looks great! (I had time to actually eat lunch!) Here’s a link to her post: .PhotoPeach not only spices up the blog post, but also saves teachers a lot of that precious commodity we call time.Thanks for all your support, Sue!Linda

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