Why we value communicating with the class next door via blogs.

Why do we value this communication? Because it is teaching children about their digital footprint within a framework of thoughtful, respectful communication. We start by reflecting on relationships and comments which are tangible and move out from there.

It may horrify people to think that classes who are next door to each other are communicating via blogs, but we value this authentic communication. The children have close personal relationships with each other and love to respond to each others posts.  As they have a personal connection,  they can relate to the subject matter.Their comments reflect this connectivity and respect.

The children love discussing comments and deciding how to reply. We have discussed how it makes us feel when people comment on our posts. This then became a platform for discussing our rights and responsibilities as digital citizens.

KC sent a message to KP thanking them for the comment on their blog. KP responded by publishing their artwork to the blog to surprise KC. The children have become aware that there is an audience for their work. They take extra care of work because they know it is valued by a wide audience.


Art work for KC on PhotoPeach

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