Five and six year olds explain the importance of passwords.

Last year I put our passwords on the wall. I started to think this sent the wrong message to children about protecting passwords. This year I asked the children if they would like a small card with the password on. The children are responsible for keeping them secure, they have hidden them!

Here is a video sharing their ideas about passwords.

Here is some follow up from home and school

Hi Zoe,

Just a funny snippet from a conversation tonight with XXXXX.  He was telling me he had a rough day.  I asked him, why, did you have a rough day and the conversation when like this:
XXXXX:  well….
XXXXX: It’s complicated, Mom
XXXXX: it’s just complicated like my password
Me: what?
XXXXX: like my password for my Twitter account
This had me laughing!!!  Still smiling, and so I think the lesson on passwords is sinking in.  : )   Nice work!  It’s probably a lesson that will have to be with him his entire life, and one that most of us adults didn’t learn until later (or are still learning as we continue to get hacked….).

I am observing the children using individual passwords in their imaginary play. There are passwords to get into shops and to be the security guard.


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