KG share portfolios with Grade 9 buddies.

As part of our school wide value program we have focused on putting our beliefs into action.

  • We shall be mindful of the needs and rights of others.
  • We shall be honest in our dealings.
  • We shall be peaceful in our intentions.
  • We shall be responsible in our actions.
  • We shall be supportive of each other.

The Grade 9 students listened and asked questions as their buddy shared their portfolio. The kindergarten children were able to give detailed answers about their best pieces and what each piece represented.

Best line from a Grade  9

“That’s so cool. I had those scissors when I was in kindergarten, can I touch them?”

KP see the blog as a place that shows their learning.

Some KP children have their portfolio at home. I asked them how they could share their learning. The first answer was the blog!

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