Kanji in Kindergarten

At the beginning of the school year the children inquired into forms of written communication.  They drew links between Katakana and English. In collaboration with the art and Japanese departments the children have continued this inquiry. The children picked a word and had it translated into Kanji.

KP’s observations on Kanji

Kyle:  Some people’s name is in Kanji but some peoples name is not.

Sammy: There is no Kanji for rocket. They haven’t made a word up for it. The king of Kanji makes the words. They don’t have computer or iPhones.

Mie:l Don’t use to0 much ink when you are writing Kanji.

Ryan: The paint things be careful for ink dripping.

Morris: The ink never comes off of white clothes.

Chae Yoon: Kanji is very fun.

Mari: English people don’t have a name for Kanji.

Tom: I learned to spell dinosaur in Kanji.

Kazumi: Kanji is not same the same. One Kanji is different to other Kanji.

Kyoka:The Kanji for plant and keep you warm are not the same.

Jessica: Some are short and some are three [strokes]

Max: There are lots and in Kanji one… it’s weird [difference between Kanji and Katakana symbols].

Thanks to ms Yuri for this Photopeach

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