Presenting Monkey and cat the Kamishibai

The epic “Adventures of Monkey and Cat,” reached new heights today with the filming of chapter one of the story as a kamishibai.

Key points the children considered when reading aloud to engage an audience

  1. Articulate the sounds, make sure you say the end sounds.
  2. Use the punctuation to help you know when to take a breath.
  3. Read at a steady pace.
  4. Add expression and voices to the story to make others want to listen.
  5. Pick the part you will read carefully, it is very hard to read all together.

Just to take an extra moment to bask in the brilliance of these exceptionally creative children, here is Chapter One of the story. The whole story writing Goggle doc has been printed and is in the children’s portfolio.


It was a silent, misty, dark and black night. The owls were twittering up on the tallest banana tree. The sky was black. The clouds were shaped like ghosts in the air. It was a giant graveyard. There were short and flat rectangle and oval stones coming out of the grass. There are people’s names written on the stones.
The cat was black as the night sky. It looked invisible. You couldn’t hear a sound as the cat was flying. As it passed the moon and stars you could see its shadow. It’s eyes looked like stars. In the graveyard the monkey is creeping through the tall grass, the grass makes a shhh, shhhh sound. The grass goes down where the monkey is going and the wind is blowing.
The cat hovers in front of the monkey. It is not really windy but the  monkey is bald so he is cold. The monkey stood in front of the banana tree and watched out for the mysterious cat. He couldn’t see the cat because his eyes looked like stars in the night sky. The cat covered his pink nose with his paw.
Quietly, the monkey tiptoed onto a banana leaf, he jumps to a huge rock. He checks for the cat.
“OK, I’m safe” Said the monkey.
He climbs to the top of the rock which is taller than the banana tree. He leaps across to the banana tree and bounces on a leaf. The monkey is searching for the diamonds. The air told him about the secret diamonds.
The monkey climbs down to the bananas. He opens up the bananas but they are fake.The monkey is surprised. He sees diamonds inside the bananas, but he thought they were fake like the bananas. They felt like plastic, they shone in the moonlight but they were squishy. “I wonder where those diamonds are?” Whispered the monkey.
“Go to the pond.” Shouted the moon, but really it was the cat.
The monkey scuttled and ran down the banana tree and went as fast as he could to the pond.

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