Together, with and without words.

I have noticed the way the children work together with and without words. Today Oskar and SuWon made guns with a banana and a block and laughed as they made gun noises together. Communicate without words. On Friday Hsin-Tzu and Oskar worked together on the iPad. Hsin-Tzu gave Oskar a thumbs up for his successes. Julie took Hsin-Tzu by the hand and helped her get ready for handwriting practice. Communication with and without words.

Aiden, Ray and Alex decided to sort the animals into sets and place them into environments. This involved detailed discussion about how this project would look. Oskar observed this project and made trees. He smiled as he added it to the project. Today Hsin-Tzu built a new horse environment and without a word added it to the project. The other collaborators were excited by this new possibility and were delighted to share what she had done.

With or without words we are a community of learners. We are learning in our own ways, using our own tools.  Some people use words, some people observe. We use gestures to indicate kindness. Most importantly all efforts to collaborate are acknowledged and respected.

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