Hello! Apps you can create with not just consume from.

KP have been exploring apps that help them create and share their ideas beyond the iPad. We want the iPad to be a tool that activates creativity and helps children communicate their thinking. We want children to be able to use the iPad to engage with others as they build their learning community. We want the iPad to work hard for the children, not the children passively producing answers for an app.

We love Fotobabble it is a very simple and a free tool.

  1. Children can take a picture
  2. Add audio, their explanation, story etc
  3. Send it to Twitter
  4. It appears on the side bar of the blog.

 HELLO AGS KIndergarten in Canada. The children sent a hello message to their new tweet buddies. We decided to share some of the languages we speak.

Here is a Fotobabble from Sofie to her sister Louisa. Sofie made her a special design and wanted to save it. We couldn’t do that because we needed the carpet, but we could take picture and put it on our Twitter feed.

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