Pursuing passions, thank you learning community!

On Wednesday we had our grade four buddy visit. The focus of the session was pursuing passions. KP had discussed with 4N what they were interested in. 4N went to the library and researched the the topics. This gave them an authentic reason to develop their research skills. They shared the books today. The room was a quiet buzz of engagement as KP stared intently at the books 4N read to them.
Pursuing Passions, Thank you Grade 4 buddies. on PhotoPeach

7 thoughts on “Pursuing passions, thank you learning community!

  1. We really enjoy going to KP for our Reading Buddies sessions!! It was great to know what type of books we should borrow for our buddies. We’ve started thinking about ‘sorting’ for next week!

  2. This is such a fantastic way to engage all ages in reading and the love of books. it looks as though it was really good fun.

  3. What a great way to start grade 4! 4N hope you all can continue to reach out to the younger ones the importance of reading. Great job, keep it up.

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